​Dear Young ESPID Members,

Welcome to the ESPID 2017 in Madrid! We are looking forward to yet another excellent Meeting.

As in past years, Young ESPID will be involved in a number of activities.

​We hope to greet you during the Young ESPID session where you will learn about new developments in the society particularly relevant for you. Information regarding awards, the research master class, courses and updates regarding EAP/UEMS training requirements will be presented. We will also update you on the new Young ESPID country representatives, their roles and help you apply for this post if your country is not yet represented. Furthermore, we want to hear your thoughts and ideas. This session is a great chance to meet other Young ESPID members and exchange experiences and attending the Meeting now accounts for good standing points!

After a very good first year and even more successful second year, "Speed-dati​ng" between young and senior ESPID members will take place for a third year. It is an excellent way to allow you to meet face to face with your great examples and discuss for example career strategies, research, and training opportunities! 

Do you want to be involved in organising and presenting a case at the meet the professor sessions? Do keep your eye open for our newsletters.

Do you want to become a Young ESPID member? Tick the box for Young ESPID on the ESPID website in your personal profile and you will automatically receive our updates. 

We look forward to seeing you in Madrid 2017!

​Ana Brett
​Elisa Fernandez-Cooke

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