Advertising Opportunities

​​​Advertisements can be available in the following Meeting publications:

Advert - congress app

Full inside page color advertisement in a designated of the Congress App.

Congress App - Advert
(Designated section​ of the congress App)

promotional mailshot ( exclusive or combined mailshot)

Gain additional exposure for your Symposium,  by sending out a Mailshot to the pre-registered delegates who have agreed to disclose their details. Mailshot to be sent at a date and time coordinated with the Meeting Organiser.
  • Mailshot to be designed and provided by the supporter by agreed deadline
  • Support will be recognised in the Company and Exhibition Guide of the Final Programme
  • ​​​Support will be acknowledged in the Industry Support and Exhibition section of the Programme, on the event website and with signage during the event following all compliance regulations.​

*All pictures are illustrations only.​​​​