Instructions for Invited Speakers & Oral Abstract Presenters

Data Presentations 

  • Please make sure to check the online programme for your scheduled presentation date, time, session, and presentation length. Please note your allocated presentation time includes time for questions and discussion
    • Oral Abstract Presenters will have 10 minutes for presentation which include 7 minutes for their talk + 3 minutes for discussion. 
    • Invited Speakers will have a total of 20, 25 or 30 minutes for their presentation, depending on the plenary or symposia session. Please check the program for your finalised presentation time. 
      • Invited speakers with 30 minutes’ presentation will have 25 minutes for their talk + 5 for discussion. 
      • Invited speakers with 25 minutes’ presentation will have 20 minutes for their talk + 5 for discussion.
      • Invited speakers with 20 minutes’ presentation will have 17 minutes for their talk + 3 for discussion.

During the Meeting, all invited speaker and oral presentations will be available to participants via the Mobile App to assist learning and note taking, as well as allow speakers to easily upload their slides for presentation in the halls via the link which has been provided. Thus, by uploading a presentation via the link, the slides will be available for all registered participants via the App and will be ready for projection in the session hall. 

A personalised instructions letter has been sent to oral presenters and invited speakers with information regarding their presentation upload. 

We will also make all oral presentations available on the website after the Meeting, subject to the authors' consent. 


  • Oral presenters and invited speakers will be requested to provide us with their presentation slides in advance and as soon as possible (upload link has been sent via personalised emails). 
  • Please note that you will be able to continuously update your presentation, and make any necessary edits and changes up to 2 hours prior to the session. The final version you upload will be the one available via the App and projected in the session hall.
  • Please upload a PowerPoint (97/2003) presentation only (PPT), which will be converted automatically into a PDF file for the participants view via the App. 
  • Please note you do not need to go through the Presentation Technical Support Room if you have uploaded your most updated PPT file 2 hours' prior the session. 
  • In case your presentation includes a movie, audio file or other links that needs to be checked, please make sure to go through the Technical Support Room onsite.
  • Alternatively, you may supply your own laptop computer (PC or Mac). In such a case please:
    • Confirm that it has a VGA socket for external signal and come to check it in the session hall where your lecture is taking place during the coffee or lunch break prior to your session, at least 2 hours before the start of the session.
    • Upload a copy of the presentation via the link provided (the operators in the Technical Support Room will be able to assist in converting Keynote into PowerPoint, if required). 
  • Note: it is the presenter's responsibility to follow all copyright and fair use guidelines.
  • Invited Speakers and Oral presenters are required ​to use a Disclosure Slide as the second slide of their presentation. The template can be downloaded here​. ​​

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